zaterdag 29 januari 2011

Unknown Dutch gimmick rap track from 1986

In 1986 a Dutch popgroup consisting of 3 sexy girls recorded a rap track on vinyl. Is that special? Well, it is in 1986....
The group was called CENTERFOLD and their image was totally based on that of the PRINCE affiliated girlgroups VANITY 6 and APPOLONIA 6. After scoring a hit in 1986 with their track "Dictator" they covered "Radar love" by GOLDEN EARRING later that year. The b-side of the 12" was a track called "Rap"...and you y'all guessed it...this is the rap track I'm talking about.

To have a listen just grab it here:

Centerfold rap track download

Don't be expecting no Sequence Crew or early Salt 'N Pepa but on the other hand I heard worse from 1986, even from the US.

Who cares if they can actually rap right?

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