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CANE; pimpslappin' wackness since day 1

Eugene Voorn a.k.a. HURRICANE / SUGACANE / CANE / C-BOOGIE / C.A.N.E. / REDLIGHT BOOGIE etc, born in Amsterdam, experienced a troubled childhood. Spending al lot of time outside his home on the streets he came in touch with the early Amsterdam b-boy/electric boogie scene through his cousin Clinton (CLI-N-TEL) who was already dancing at the time (1983).
In 1984 it was human beatboxing that really caught his attention....influenced by DOUG E FRESH and FAT BOYS he mastered the skill of the human beatbox and adapted the moniker BUSY BEAT. It wasn't untill 1985/86 that a boy at his school (Spinozalyceum) challenged him into a rap battle. Being a beatboxer BUSY BEAT was annoyed by the fact that he couldn't engage in a rap battle as hard as he would like to and started developing rap skills aswell.
Like many early developing rappers in Amsterdam, BUSY BEAT came in touch with beatcreator LTH who played a definitive role within the Amsterdam rap scene around 1987. The two combined forces an recorded a few tracks. Check out this early demo track "Busy Beat growns in effect" :

Together with DJ FEARSOME 1, the crew HIGH QUALITY POSSE was formed. After an encounter with the SECURITY CREW (PRINCE CHARLY D & DJ S ROCK E) both crews merged into the crew 2 TUFF in 1988. The group recorded demo tracks and performed, but like many early Dutch rapgroups 2 TUFF was ignored by the many ignorant recordcompanies. Check out this footage of  2 TUFF performances from 1988 and 1989:

The group unfortunately soon dissolved and BUSY BEAT stayed solo (at least untill 2005). Being dissapointed in the lack of opportunities as a rapper within the Dutch musicindustry, he stepped up his streetgame to earn money. Meanwhile he maintained his street cred as a rapper by joining rap battles and performing the occasional show. CANE also continously built his rep of being a buckwild guy, always being on the offensive tip towards wack rappers. Throwing beerbottles and garbagecans at shows are examples of CANE getting hardcore on the less credible.

The Dutch rapscene changed when from 1993 onwards, many rappers started to rap in Dutch instead of English. It was believed to be an easier road to commercial succes. CANE refused to go down that road, it was his sincere belief that rapping in English was the only way to go and stay true to the heritage of hip hop.

In 1995 CANE drops a demo cassette using the moniker HURRICANE. Radio rapshow "VILLA 65" gives the tape some airplay and the tuff title track "There ain't nothin' here yours" ends up on the 1996 Dutch compilation album "Magic Souds volume 2".

One year later CANE drops his first official release as SUGACANE on the upcomming Dutch recordlabel "TopNotch". The track "Let 'em know" is produced by Q.F. and came with this video:

Another underground demo cassette came out in 1997 called "Hurricane presents The Killer Tape". This tape held some new tracks by CANE like "Triple files" and "Batiboy" and featured other artists like DEAMS, MD, UNIQUE and ROWDY. Y'all can download a rip of this tape here:

Killer tape download

Reportedly aimed at Dutch rapper E-LIFE, the track "You can't fool mine" got released on CANE's own recordlabel "Now Or Neva" in 2000. The video had some heavy rotation on musicvideochannel "The Box". Allthough one of his earlier real successes...CANE never really liked the track and claims it should never have been released as it wasn't even proparly mixed.

In 2000 CANE donated the track "Ghetto star" for the rap/r&b compilation album "Social life", this particular track being a very personal track written by CANE for his son.
Allthough the 1995-2000 period saw some releases by CANE, the rapper never got the chance to manifest himself as he would have liked. Several personal tragedies in his life during this time, made him unable to really focus on building a career.

In 2005 a re-energized CANE masterminded a Dutch allstar rap supergroup called "THE MOST OFFICIAL". Petty beefs between rappers and cities got squashed for the sake of joining forces and grabbing the game by the balls. Members CANE, U-NIQ, MR. PROPZ, ROWDY, SONNY D and MD recorded new tracks together and did some tracks using existing beats. DJ 360 mixed these tracks into a 60 minutes mix cd that got released on CANE's "Now or Neva records".

Judging by the public's reaction to the mixtape, the announced cd by the group must have been the most anticipated Dutch rap release ever......unfortunately it all seemed to good to be true. The groupmembers dissagreed on certain businessaspects and the whole project fell apart. Definately a black page in the Dutch rap historybook imo.

What's left in the end is a dope mixtape and a video that was shot for the track "Next block". The video was shot in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague to illustrate the different backgrounds of the rappers.

CANE was hugely dissapointed with the dissolvement of the group, realizing an enormous opportunity got destroyed.
In 2008 CANE worked with famous Dutch kickbox/MMA team "Golden Glory" by writing music for fighters like Eroll Zimmerman and opening up for them at big fighting events in Amsterdam and Seoul. The track "Fight muzik" got released as a video in which CANE uses his latest name REDLIGHT BOOGIE.

In 2009....22 years after CANE's first demotape recordings....his long awaited first album hits the streets. I.m.o. the product of THE most dedicated Dutch rap artist in the game who, after years of personal struggles, business setbacks etc. etc., managed to pull off the by far most credible sounding Dutch rap album untill today. Only features by the best Dutch artists like SHYROCK and DJ CHAINSAW and an occasional appearance by foreign artist like ROCK from HELTAH SKELTAH....CANE carries this album by himself with a large diversity in music and lyrics.

In 2010 a video got released of the track "Heatrock" which features SEAN PRICE. The track does not appear on the album. At the same time the mixtape "Lost 'n found" was dropped featuring Heist- Rockah, Akwasi (of Zwart Licht), Lioth, Fero Tisesty, Reefer Madness, Joe Kickass en M.D. This REDLIGHT BOOGIE project got mixed by JANE DOE and wants to take the listener back to the early days where it all kicked off. Grab this mixtape here:

Lost 'n found mixtape

To seal this piece on CANE up, I'll leave y'all with a download of some of his best tracks, enjoyz.

Misc CANE tracks

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